bug#33204: Failed to modify 'Access Time' for files without extension using the Touch tool ver 8.4
Eric Blake
2018-10-31 13:10:54 UTC
HI,Dear developer of GNU tools´╝Ü
Thanks to the convenience brought to me by the GNU COREUTILS tool! I found a possible bug when using the Touch tool.
Since the machine is in the enterprise intranet, I can only send you screenshots of mobile phone photos.
The file named "Photo_1030_1a.jpg" is the use case I designed, the other two are screenshots of execution, and the version of Touch is 8.4.
Spamming the list recipients with 13 megabytes of attachments creates
unnecessary load on the mail server and is detrimental to subscribers
that have to pay for large amounts of data. Better would have been to
post a URL to your screenshots, or to retype merely the text contained
in the screen.

Most likely, this is not a bug in coreutils, but a limitation between
the operating system and file system you are using. If it is a GNU/Linux
system, using strace would confirm that. But since you did not give us
those details, it's hard to say if there's anything further we can do to
help you.
Eric Blake, Principal Software Engineer
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